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Transferring data from one device to another has become easy owing to the highly advanced cloud computing technology. But, some devices are still dependent upon regular transmission for transferring files and also for charging. Devices like baby monitors and some speakers need a micro USB cable for charging. This makes the cables a must-have accessory for your devices. You can select from a wide range of micro USB cables by searching for them online. 

While buying a cable, there are some aspects that you need to understand. The length of the cable should be your top priority as it determines how much you are going to use the cable. If you want to charge your phone or other devices from a greater distance, then you need to buy a longer cable. If the power source is nearby and you want to charge within a shorter distance, then a short length cable would be perfect for the purpose. 

You need to keep in mind that the connectors play an essential role in deciding how good a cable is. Some connectors can slide in easy into an appliance while others need extra efforts. A good USB cable will always slide easily and stay in its place. That way, the connection would be strong and you will be able to charge your devices faster. Some micro USB cables have nylon braiding that prevents scratching of the cables.

Here are some of the best micro USB cables that have nylon braiding to ensure better durability. 

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1. JSAUX Micro USB cable android charger 

 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

Wide range compatibility of this micro USB cable makes it a perfect choice for everyone. The 6.6 feet length is perfect for transmission and it also prevents signal loss. A nylon braiding ensures that the cable is durable and can resist wear and tear. Tangle free braiding results in fuss-free connection every time. It is compatible with all devices having a micro USB port. You can charge your phone using this cable and also transfer files across devices. 

2. Anker powerline micro USB cable


Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

The sturdy build of this cable allows you to plug it in any device you want. It is compatible with plenty of devices and it can give you good connections even if the length is more. Transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps are good for both file transfer and faster charging. Sheath is made from nylon braiding that can improve the longevity of the cables. You can also use these cables to charge your phone in the car. The flexibility of the cables ensures that the cables will last long even after repeated use. 

3. Ailun high speed micro USB cable


Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

It is a high speed USB 2.0 cable that supports charging for a lot of devices. It is compatible with both laptops and smartphones and lets you charge faster than typical micro USB cables. There are no sharp points on the connectors, so it is perfect for everyday use. Even with the 10 feet length, you can expect great performance in terms of quality and speed. The cable is highly durable because of the nylon braiding on top of it. Connectors are made from multi-layer alloy that can resist higher temperatures. You will get convenience and speed with this micro USB cable. 

4. AmazonBasics USB cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

Amazon has created a perfect cable for everyday use. It is an USB 2.0 cable and has dual ends. One end has a normal connector and the other has a micro USB connector. With transmission speed of 480 Mbps, you can expect faster transmissions and efficient charging. The gold plated connectors reduce interference and ensure higher quality of signals during transmission. It increases the charging capability of your devices and powers them up quickly. 

5. Anker Nylon Braided micro USB cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

Nylon braiding is done to ensure the longevity of the cables. Nylon is a durable material and tolerates scratches and shocks without getting worn out or damaged. There are gold plated connectors that reduce both electromagnetic and radio interference. Sometimes due to interference, the quality of signal deteriorates. In such a case, the gold plated connectors provide shielding and also ensure faster transmission. It is compatible with all smartphones except iPhone and comes with a warranty of 18 months.

6. Ugreen micro USB cable with nylon braiding


Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

It has universal compatibility with major devices. So no matter which model you are using, you can use this cable with it. The connectors are designed to resist interference due to the gold plating. As a result, there is an increase in charging speed by up to 7%. Also, the cable provides effective solution for signal loss during transmission. The connectors fit inside the ports snugly, preventing them from slipping off. Nylon braiding of the outer covering prevents early damage or breaking of the cable. 

7. Fonken micro USB cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

With 6 layers of protection, you can expect high-speed charging. There is no loss of signal during transmission as the cables have anti-interference gold plating. Also, there is nylon braiding on the outer sheath with a black and grey color combination. All the materials used in the cable are eco-friendly and provide ultimate connectivity. The cable is compatible with all devices and can also help in the transfer of files from one device to another.

8. Rampow long micro USB Cable


Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

If you want a charger that will help you charge from a long distance, this cable is perfect for you. It has a length of 6.5 feet with a greyish nylon braiding on the top. It supports all devices and lets you charge them without any fuss. You can even charge your kindle devices with this micro USB cable. Nylon provides effective resistance against wearing down of the cables. You can ensure high-speed charging with these cables because of the heat-resistant metal alloy connectors. All the parts are built to last for many years without becoming loose. 

9. AmazonBasics double braided micro USB cable

 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

While buying a micro USB cable, you need to make sure that it will last for many years. Double braiding of the outer sheath in this cable provides excellent durability against breaking down of the wires. Charging capability of the cables is as high as 2100 mA. It enhances the charging capacity of the devices and increases charging speed by 5%. You can transfer files at the rate of 480 Mbps without any loss in signals. 

10. Basesailor Micro USB charger cable

Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

Flexibility in micro USB cables matters a lot. If you are not able to bend the cables, they will break easily. This micro USB cable is 6 feet long and you can bend it up to 90 degrees without damaging the external covering. You can charge your devices wherever you want by simply plugging it to a power source. The aluminum alloy connectors reduce interference in the cables and result in better transmission and charging speeds. It has a sleek design without any bulky protuberances. The cable has a Velcro strap for preventing entanglement. . 

11. Jsaux micro USB charger cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

High-speed charging is everyone’s requirement. The large length of this cable prevents the loss of signals even after repeated use. The premium nylon braiding provides durability to the cable and makes it tangle-free. The best thing about this cable is that it supports gaming consoles too like the PS4 and Xbox. Be it tablet or computer, you can charge any device with this micro USB cable. It comes with 18 month warranty on the build. 

12. Gopala micro USB cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

Universal compatibility of the cables ensures that you can charge any device you want. You don’t have to worry about the model of the device as it is compatible with a wide range of laptops, computers, and smartphones. You can even charge your kindle readers with the cable. The long and slim shape of the cable allows for fuss-free connections. It has a 23 AWG high gauge wire that gives you super-fast charging. 

13. Rankie micro USB cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

When buying a micro USB cable, make sure that it has low impedance. Low impedance results in higher rates of charging. You can charge the devices at higher speeds without over-heating. Aluminum alloys with multiple-layer shielding capabilities ensure that the connectors don’t get over heated even after prolonged use. It is suitable for USB 2.0 ports and lets you transfer files, photos, and videos at 480 Mbps. Nylon braiding of the outer sheath provides extra-durability to the cables. 

14. Syncwire Micro USB cable

Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

It is the only cable in this category with laser-welded aluminum alloy. Even if you bend the cable, it will not break. The increased flexibility of the wire lets you connect it easily with any port you want. The anti-twist feature of the cables prevents them from twisting up after connecting. High gauge and low impedance of the wires results in faster charging. The connectors are abrasion and corrosion proof.

15. Aioneus micro USB cable


 Best Braided Micro USB Cable 2020

The cables are available in assorted lengths and colors. The color coding lets you have separate chargers for each device. You can even mark them as separate chargers for different devices. It is flexible and doesn’t bend even after multiple uses. The connectors fit properly within the ports and stay tight. You will get 7% faster charging as compared to regular chargers. Nylon braided sheath provides additional durability to the cables. These were some of the best braided micro USB cables that will let you charge up your devices from any power source. Check the length of the cable before buying to avoid unnecessary confusion.