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We all play games. Of course, we love to play games. We enjoy a lot playing different kind of games, but we feel more enjoy when we have good quality of microphones when we’re playing. You can ask why we need a microphone. Of course, you should ask that question. Well, a microphone will help you to connect your team. You can talk to them through microphones. Or if you want streaming, record your voice while gaming, you need a good quality of microphones. If you are the one who is looking for a microphone, you’re lucky. I made a list for you the best gaming microphones in 2020.
Before buying a microphone, you need to concern about two things. The first thing is, you need to know which kind of microphone you need and second thing, you have to decide your budget. Firstly, we discuss about the microphones. As we play different kind of games as there is different kind of microphones available. You just need to know about two types of microphone. I believe this is enough for you.

The first one is USB microphones

These microphones are most popular and widely use. Most of gamer use these microphones. These are easy to use, because they have USB port, just plug into your computer, laptop and that’s it. You’re ready.

Another one is Condenser microphones

These microphones connected through XLR cables. Most of Musician, singer and podcaster use these types of microphones. If you’re not familiar with them, you will struggle a lot at the start, but these microphones are very popular in YouTubers and Podcasters.

Now you have to think about you budget and it’s all about your budget. Here is list of microphones, I made for you. You can check each microphone’s prices and decide which microphone best for you.

1.Rode NT1A:

Best Gaming Microphone 2020

This is the most important microphone, I would recommend to you. Rode NT1A is a condenser microphone. The Rode is very popular brand in microphones. Many people use Rode’s microphone around in the world. The quality of Rode’s microphone is amazing. You should consider about it if you have enough budget. Many gamers and YouTubers use this microphone. It is connect through XLR cables.
The Rode NT1A gives you warm sound, smooth sound and natural sound in your recording. You will have seen this microphone to a lot people. Some people have low budget, but they decide to buy this, because they trust in Rode.

2. Samson G-Track Pro:

Top Gaming Microphones 2020

This is also one the best microphone for gaming and the best part is it has USB ports. You can easily connect Samson G-Track Pro with your computers, laptops. It is easy to use. That’s why most of gamer has this microphone. Most of podcaster and YouTuber also use this microphone. It is friendly. You have to just connect with your laptop and that’s it. You ready to record your own voice.
You will get warm audio quality. Sounds are really great. You will find knob to control level of microphone, headphone and instrument.

3. Rode NT – USB:

Gaming Microphone lists 2020

This is another one of the great microphone of Rode. I just want to tell you about Rode. It is the most popular company which makes microphones. A lot of people use its microphone around in the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do. You are a Vlogger, YouTuber or Podcaster. Many of them use this brand’s microphone. Even I also have a Rode’s microphone.
Rode NT is the one of the best microphone for gaming. This is also USB microphone. It is easy to use. You just have to connect with your computer or laptop. This is so easy. Just plug into your laptop and record your voice. If you concern about buying this product, I know you won’t disappoint. I saw many YouTuber or Podcaster, who use this microphone and this is also good for gaming.

4. Razer Seiren X:

Best Microphones

One of the greatest microphones in this list is Razer Seiren X and this is also USB microphone. The sound and design are great. It looks good and gives you really good sound. Maybe you haven’t heard this name before, but this is also one of the most popular microphones among Gamer, Podcaster and YouTuber.
It won’t just give you good sound. You can easily put on the desk, connect with your laptop.

5. Blue Yeti Pro:

New Gaming Microphones

This one has good quality of audio. There are number of people use Blue Yeti Pro, gives feedback about this microphone. It has got a lot of good reviews. The sound and design are very impressive. It is one of the expensive microphones, but if you can afford it to buy. You should consider about this product. This microphone has the USB port. Yes! It is the USB microphone. You can use this microphone for gaming and podcast or anything.

6. Audio Technica ATR 2500:

New Top Gaming Microphones

Audio Technica is one of the good brands who make good quality of microphones. An ATR 2500 is one of them. This is a good microphone for gaming and podcasts. People also use this microphone to make tutorial videos for YouTube as well.
It has USB port. So, it is easy to connect with your computer and laptop. All USB microphones have one great advantage. It is easy to use by anyone. I mean anyone, who never used microphone before.

7. Blue snowball ice:

Best Gamer Microphones

If you’re looking for microphone in limited budget, the Blue Snowball ICE is also one of them. You can’t just use this microphone for gaming, you can use for streaming, podcasts and also making YouTube videos. A numbers of people use this microphone, because it gives you good sound quality and also people like its design. It looks good on the desk. It is also USB microphone.

8. MXL 770:

Top Microphones

May be you haven’t heard this brand name, but this is also one of best microphone for gaming. Many people use this microphone not just gaming as well as recording audio for podcasts. This microphone gives you warm audio quality. It’s sound good. This is the condenser microphone, if you’re concerning about buying this product. You need to understand one thing. You need a phantom power to power this.

9. Neewer NW-700:

Best Microphones for gamer

This is one of the cheapest condenser microphones. If you have low budget for microphones, you should concern about it. People use this microphone when they don’t have big budget. You will get good sound quality. It is connected through XLR cable.
You will get some accessories with this product. There aren’t so many good microphones, you can find at the price.

10. Zalman ZM-Mic1 headphone

Top Microphones for Gaming

This is the cheapest microphone. A lot of new people start with this microphone for gaming. Yes, if you want a cheapest microphone, this is for you. You will get good sound, but not the best. It doesn’t have USB ports, but you can connect this microphone to computers and laptops.


All microphones are great in their own way. You should choose microphone according to your budget. If you can afford to buy expensive microphone, go for it. You will get great quality of audio. There is no doubt. If you don’t have enough budgets, then buy a microphone as you have budget. I know bunch of people who has cheapest microphone, but they do their work very good.