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Is your Workspace or Gaming station messy because of your wired headphones? Does organizing it, again and again, seems like a hassle to you? Then you might consider a headphone hanger for your headsets to keep your work environment fresh and tidy. An organized setup affects your mind as well, giving you positive vibes. The headphone stand can be used to store and charge all your gadgets apart from headphones. Apart from a small footprint, it enhances the look of your desk area.

Here are some of our recommended Headphone Stands with Cable management, to reduce the cord clutter and prevent them from messy tangling. The anti-slip rubber pads prevent slipping away, keeping it at a place. They have wide compatibility, are durable and reliable. 

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1. AppHome Headset Holder

 Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The AppHome headset hanger can hold two sets of headphones at a time. It acts as a gaming accessory for your room. It is attractive and durable. Made up of aluminum, it is capable of holding small to large headsets without bending or breaking. It can be set up in two ways, hold securely under the desk surface, using strong adhesive double-sided tape, or can be mounted with screws for extra strength and security. It is space-efficient, lightweight, and sturdy, with universal compatibility. 

2. elago Headphone Stand 

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Elago stand design looks elegant and classy with no unwanted functions and flashy colors. It gives a modern, sleek look to the area and saves your space with neat cable management. The Silicone pads prevent scratches and give a stable base for the headsets to rest. It is large enough to accommodate all sizes of headphones. It is of perfect height and no need to squeeze the headphone in. With simple assembly, it is made up of aluminum for semi-permanent durability and rigidity. 

3. AMOVEE Pro Headphone Hanger 

 Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

Amovee Pro Holder is multifunctional as it can also serve as a stand for mobiles, watches, tablets, or other gadgets as well. It has a simple yet convenient design. The hanger is detachable and the two screws at its bottom make the base stable, preventing any movement. The slightly curved and long hanger keeps the headphone from dropping. The smooth edges protect you from being scratched or hurt. The back hook is prevented to gather all the cable of the headset, to avoid any mess. 

4. Avantree Headphone Stand 

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Avantree metal stand has a sleek, simple design, and is space-efficient. It has a silicone top pad and sturdy solid steel construction to provide a stable foundation to the headphones. The silicone cable holder at the bottom allows us to keep the stand is any position without scratching. The anti-slip area prevents your gadgets from falling or damaging them. It is aluminum made which makes it stay steady and rigid. Keep your workspace clean and organized, with efficient cable management with the back hook. 

5. Brainwavz Hengja Headphone Stand 


Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Brainwavz stand is made from high-quality metals, which makes it durable and strong. It capable of holding lightweight to very heavy headphones, preventing any breakage or bending. The handles are slightly curved and very long to keep the headphones in position. No more glues are required to fit it on the desks. The rotatable design allows it to be used on any surface. Its unique and stylish look makes it suitable for homes and offices. The aluminum makes it sturdy and rigid. 

6. Razer Headphone Stand

 Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Razer stand is made from high-grade robust aluminum alloy to ensure quality build and durability. The rubber anti-slip base along with the slightly curved, long handles keep your headphones at a place. It is built to accommodate all kinds of headsets of all sizes. The back hook efficiently maintains the cable management of the headsets. It saves a lot of space and the bottoms corners are rounded to prevent scratches. It is designed with a matte black finish ad can be rotated in any direction. 

7. Satechi Headphone Stand 

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Satechi headphone stands conveniently stores your gadgets and is always at reach. It has a small footprint and de-clutters and organizes your work area. It has 3 USM ports to transfer files and backup data. It is equipped with a backside hook to wrap and store cables when not in use. This ensures better cable management preventing any mess or cord clutter. The secure rubberized grip holds your headset in place, keeping it steady. It is lightweight, sturdy and the metal construction makes it durable. 

8. AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand 

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Amovee Acrylic stand is thicker and more stable than the rest of the models. It has an ergonomic design and keeps your desk clean and organized, saving a lot of space. The whole stand has a sleek curve which makes it look elegant. It has a compact design with no extra color and no flashy decoration. It has the perfect size to fit anywhere. The solid sturdy base prevents any movement of the stand and keeps it steady. It stands perfectly with no toppling.

9. RinneTraps Headphone Stand 

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The RinneTraps stand de-clutters and organizes your desk area. It has a non-bulky, compact and sleek design that allows it to fit anywhere easily. The perfect height ensures no squeezing of the headset. The premium quality adhesive allows it to attach to any surface strongly. It is soft to touch and easy to reach. The backside hook keeps the cables organized. Made from high-grade plastic and utilizing 3M VHB tape, it can hold heaviest headphones with ease. It is easy to install and setup.  

10. Blade Hawks Headphone Stand

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Bladehawks stand has a unique RGB backlight with 5 LED modes that can be customized. It has two USB ports that support plug & play without requiring any drivers. It saves the desktop space, avoids any mess. The single AUX port enables synched audio transmission, providing full-range stereo sound. It is safe and sturdy with sleek double frames. The thick rubber base avoids any slippage or scratches. It has a portable and compatible size, perfect for all kinds of headphones. 

11. Tilted Nation Headset Stand 

 Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Tilted Nation stand has an all-in-one design. The flashy RGB lighting makes it look modern and elegant. It features a built-in mouse bungee, along with 2 USB ports, which is easy to assemble, play and play. The durable base with added weight and non-slip grips of the stand provides optimum stability even during intense gaming. The flexible mouse cord holder provides superior cable management reducing cord clutter. The USB ports allow us to connect devices with up to 5GB data transfer speeds. 

12. Havit Headphones Stand  

 Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Havit headset stand lets you store your headphones conveniently when not in use. It is always at reach and makes your tabletop neat and organized. It is a space saver, with a non-slip rubberized base to provide great stability to safeguard your headset from wear and tear. The RGB lighting Base provides 5 modes to choose from and customize. This creates a cool gaming atmosphere. It has 2 USB ports for data transfer. The built-in AUX port enables multi-audio experience, bringing full range stereo surround sound. 

13. KAFRI Headphone Stand  

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Kafri stand can display 9 lighting effects modes and create an immersive gaming atmosphere. It can be customized with just one click. It is a perfectly balanced headphone stand to store and display the headphones. With the perfect size, it is compatible with all kinds of headsets. The built-in wireless charging reduces cord clutter. It has a backside hook to manage the headset cords easily. It is fire-resistant and hardened plastic outer shell provides durability. With in-built premium circuitry and microchip, it ensures safety.

14. MOCREO Headphone Stand 

 Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Mocreo stand is Omega shaped and can display and organize two or more headphones simultaneously. It has a strong and stable base that doesn’t move when touched. It prevents throwing off the headphones and is scratch resistant due to the rubber pads at the bottom. Heaviest headphones can be hanged without bending or breaking. The hanger is smooth, slightly curved, and long enough to keep the headphones at a place. The back hook ensures cable management of the headsets. It can be cleaned easily and is spill-resistant. 

15. RIYO Headphone Stand 

Best Headphone Stand Cable Management 2020

The Riyo headphone stand is made from aluminum alloy to make it solid and strong. It is sturdy, with good stability. The Silicone non-slip pad at the bottom prevents the bracket from falling even on a smooth surface. It ensures a stable foundation and is space-efficient. Made up of high-quality aviation aluminum, precise cutting through CNC molding and is hand polished to offer you longevity of the product. It blends well with the interiors, hence can be used in your office or at home.

If you own many gadgets and worry about organizing and charging them, then this is a great choice for you. No more cluttered desks. It provides an unexpected solution to your problem that you never knew you had. The headphone stand gives you Game station an edgy look with the Dynamic RGB lightings as well.