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From home theatres to office setups, projectors are widely used to expand the limits of a smaller screen to our walls. Wider visibility makes for great viewing experiences whether it be watching movies or sharing some slides with the colleagues, it enhances our gauge of perceiving information and makes the movie night memorable. So, whether you want to impress your friends or your boss, or want to make your students grasp a concept with an excellent high definition animated video, choosing the right projector is important. We have made a great list for you so you can make that choice for yourself

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1. EPSON VS250

Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The Epson is known for its bright projectors and the VS250 offers just that at 3200 lumens and vivid colors. It also gives a display resolution of 800×600 SVGA which is pretty good. It comes with full HDMI cable support which enhances its latency ratings and mono audio for decent sound quality. The focal length of this projector is very small as well, about 17 millimeters. It consumes 210 Watts which is quite reasonable for the visibility being offered.

2. VAMVO L4200

 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

This projector comes with an enhanced LED lighting system that can provide clearer images at high brightness and is visible in well-lit rooms as well. It has a 720p VGA resolution for clarity. The projector is equipped with enough I/O ports ranging from standard  USB to fast HDMI. It can also be integrated with Xbox and Playstations for a low latency gaming projection experience. It comes with dual stereo speakers for clear audio quality.

3. LG HF65LA

 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The LG HF65LA is a short home theatre projector that can be used for personal viewing situations like watching movies with family and friends or working from home. It offers a decent brightness of 1000 lumens and connects to audio via Bluetooth. It can be connected to your wireless devices and is highly compatible with LG Smart TV. Besides, it supports HDMI and ethernet ports as well for faster connectivity.


Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The EX7240 uses the Epson 3-LCD technology to deliver WXGA 1200×800 resolution images at 3200 lumens brightness. It is pretty light which makes it portable and the device can connect wirelessly which makes it easy to set up and work with. It can also be used for media viewing as it is comfortable with both Chromecast and Roku Viewing Stick. HDMI support enables fast media playback.

5. BENQ TH685

 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

TH685 excels at projecting 4K and 1080p media without any latency issues at 3500 lumens brightness. At 120 Hz frame rate, the projector records a latency point of 8.3 milliseconds. This makes it an excellent choice for projecting games or streaming full HD content from Netflix and other streaming services. While it is compatible with older consoles like the PlayStation 4, it also works with Nintendo Switch and cloud gaming service Google Stadia


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The Vankyo Mini weighs only 2 pounds and is portable. Despite its small size, it can offer a 1920×1080 resolution at a throw distance of 5 feet. It needs minimal keystone adjustments at proper throw distances. It supports HDMI and USB for media transfer and minimal lag viewing experience. It can also connect to the phone without any app through a Tye C to HDMI cable. The noise suppression system reduces the fan sound but that does not affect the heat dispersion system.

7. BENQ HT2050A

 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

BenQ’s HT2050A is a ceiling-mounted projector that can offer 1080p resolution VGA clarity at 2200 lumens of brightness. It is primarily a home theatre system but also caters to gamers with its 16 milliseconds low lag delivery. It can connect to most PCs, gaming consoles, and mobiles through USB and HDMI ports. With DLP technology and a small 8 feet throw distance, this projector gives high-quality cinematic experience



Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The Viewsonic 3600 can be used both in educational and business backgrounds with VGA and Full HD support being the forte of this device. It can connect to almost all devices with the HDMI and VGA ports. It has a minimum throw distance of 2 meters to project at 3600 lumens. With this kind of resolution and connectivity, it can be switched around as a home and office device pretty conveniently. The 27 dB noise range also causes minimal interference in important meetings and lectures.


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The Leisure 3 Pro is one of the latest models which has been upgraded in order to be compatible with most Android and Apple devices. From projection distances of 3 feet and 18 feet it can achieve viewing sizes of 33 inches to 176 inches. With 3000:1 contrast and 1080p support, the customer can enjoy their favorite Netflix show or input from Chromecast and Roku stick without any lag or latency issues comfortably.


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

The PG701WU comes with a mind-blowing 12000:1 contrast ratio and projects at a bright 3500 lumens. The 1920×1200 native resolution gives extra depth to the clear images and the low latency makes the media viewing experience even smoother. The SuperColor technology gives vividity to the image. This makes it suitable to be connected with 3D Blu-Ray players to enjoy 3D content. Support wise, it has 2 HDMI ports, unlike any other device



 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

With an arsenal of ports ranging from VGA, HDMI, TF Card, and AV interface, this digital projector can connect to many devices including TV products and phones, gaming consoles, and computers, given the particular cable is available. With a 2000:1 contrast ratio, this projector can be paired with external speakers via Bluetooth to give the best viewing experience. The efficient cooling system does not create any noise but manages to dissipate the heat very well.


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

This Anker device is an innovative 2-in-1 design that transmits data through Bluetooth 5 and can work at distances as long as 33 feet. It comes with an AUX, RCA, micro USB, and optical cable. It offers high definition audio and lag-free viewing experience through automatic video synchronization. It is a must-have if you want to set up your own home stereo system.


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

This 4500 lumens bright projector offers native 720p image clarity and presents a clear and crisp media experience with the 4 inch LCD technology. The built-in dual speakers are capable of giving the audio experience that is fitting to the viewing experience without connecting an external audio source. The dual fans also allow proper cooling of the device from the inside in a mute fashion so it doesn’t disturb the audio.

14. BENQ MW612


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020

MW612 is a high WXGA resolution device with a high contrast of about 20000:1 that does not cause eye strain despite the 4000 ANSI lumens of brightness it is capable of. It comes with dual HDMI ports and it is powered by a USB cable. It is also compatible with Qcast and other optional wireless dongles like the Roku Stick. It is very easy to set up with a vertical keystone adjustment option. It is ideally used as an office projector.


 Best Low Latency Projector 2020
This ViewSonic projector comes in both XGA and WXGA resolutions but the XGA version has a brighter output of about 3500 lumens. It is supported by a plethora of media players, PCs, laptops, and even gaming consoles. It is easy to set up and very durable with a lamp life of about 10,000 hours. Although it does not support HDMI, it can support VGA cables. It also comes with an industry-standard support service which is uncommon to have.


Having gone through these amazing products, the situation begs the question, which one should you go for? It depends a lot on your viewing habits and occupation. Your priorities would lie in image clarity and low latency if you want a legitimate addition to your entertainment system so you can enjoy your media without frame drops. If you want a projector for presentations then high brightness and contrast ratio should be your main focus.