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Not everyone has a Bluetooth compatible audio source, and certain situations demand wireless transmission and audio sharing. You might want to enjoy the car’s stereo FM but do not want to disturb everyone else, or maybe you want to enjoy some music from the media player at your home without being a nuisance to your family. A Bluetooth transmitter becomes a beneficial tool in such situations. It can transmit the audio signals from the non-compatible device as Bluetooth signals to your Bluetooth-enabled audio device. But there are a lot of products with different compatibility options. We have made a comprehensive list of these devices sorted according to your needs.

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Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The Nulaxy Bluetooth transmitter is designed to help connect your car FM with other Bluetooth devices. It comes with a 1.44 inch LCD display to better visualize the audio playing on the device. It has a comfortable ergonomic design, with the body being pretty movable and adjustable. The buttons are big enough for easy configuration and settings. It also comes with the additional functionality of a voltmeter, which can display the car battery condition.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The Lihan mini BlueTooth transmitter comes with a very handy backlit screen with multiple color cycle options for enhanced visibility. The Bluetooth transmitter enables hands-free calling and music playback. The audio quality of the call is upgraded with the noise suppression that comes built-in with the mic. The music service can be drawn from a car stereo, TF cards, or flash drives. It can also help you with charging your devices on the go with quick-charge support through USB ports.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The Avantree Oasis is designed to serve your in-house needs for Bluetooth transmission. Once connected to the required audio device, it can be used anywhere inside the house without any lags due to its low latency codec. It supports optical, AUX, and RCA as audio output, which makes it compatible with most devices. However, the Bluetooth mode does not require any plugging in after it is connected to the device to be transmitted. It can also act as a receiver end instead of being the transmitter.



Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The Mpow Bluetooth Transmitter can be used with two audio receivers, which allow for a great audio sharing experience. It can work with TVs, home theatre systems, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, and also in your car. It works with aptX low latency technology and minimizes audio delay so you can enjoy your music without being disturbed. One of the best things about this device that is also compatible with older television sets and iPods.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

This Bluetooth audio transmitter can work with all sorts of devices ranging from TVs, media players, consoles, and even old iPods to give low latency streaming in Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It is compatible with both AUX and RCA cables. Even with its compact build, it promises 7 to 8 hours of media playback and three days of standby power. It can also be used as a charging port with the 5V charging outlet. The design also allows for some well-lit battery and connectivity indicators.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The Audikast Plus comes with a clear, user-friendly interface with Bluetooth pairing and codec indicators. It covers a long-range connection and manages to offer low latency at a distance. It supports optical, AUX, RCA, and USB cables for maximum connectivity. It is powered by a connected device through a USB cable with a 0.5-2A output. It also comes with volume buttons and audio device switching buttons to handle two connections simultaneously.


Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

This device is a part of the Amazon manufacturing line and comes with its brand name. It can work as a receiver and transmitter both. Its key feature is the foldable body, which makes it portable and easy to carry around. The battery holds a charge for 9 hours, and the battery can be recharged with a micro USB cable. It also comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack for compatibility with other audio devices. But, it can also work with headphones, speaker systems, and car stereo systems as well.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

This long-range transmitter from 1Mii focuses on audio quality primarily. It ensures high definition stereo quality sound with a 24-bit audio codec. The antennas ensure coverage in the entire house, but it may face obstruction by walls and other Wi-Fi routers. To make use of the smooth streaming through the Bluetooth 5.0 channel. It has built-in support for both analog and digital cables. However, new audio formats like DTS and Dolby Surround sound may face some issues. However, that can be changed by switching to PCM audio format.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The VictSing Bluetooth device is a FM transmitter for car stereo systems and provides stable connectivity over several devices ranging from iPhones, Android devices, headphones and laptops. It also comes with input, support, for Google Assistant services to enable voice control. The USB Flash is able to share MP3 music files from a flash drive, instead of FM stereo of your car. It also comes with a charging functionality with a QC3 port. The noise suppression system works wonders during calls to enhance the mic input.


Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

This Bluetooth transmitter comes with a display panel to get visual information about the current track and audio codec. It can transmit from anywhere inside the house to any suitable audio device. It can also be used as a receiver which gives it dual functionality and due to its compact nature, it is portable too. It comes with an audio jack, RCA cable, and a charging cable. It is a must-have pocket accessory for whenever you need it at the gym, travelling or just want to enjoy the home stereo for yourself.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

With audio sharing capabilities up to 2 devices and an advanced CSR chip, users can enjoy high quality stereo music on their bluetooth non-compatible devices using this transmitter which can work at a range of 10 meters as well. It does not have a display but it manages to make room for a lot of connectivity support which includes both 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB. It also has a durable design with easy to work switches.



Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

The Guanda bluetooth transmitter is a wireless car adapter which has 4 audio inputs including the AUX port, TF card support, Bluetooth and USB flash. It is compatible with most Apple and Android devices and works smoothly with them. It supports multiple audio codecs like standard MP3, WMA, and FLAC. The bright display with 360 degree movable hose makes for excellent visibility and easy device configuration.



Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

This bluetooth transmitter is specifically designed as a TV adapter to help connect the audio codec with your non-compatible device. It can also work as a Bluetooth receiver to make use of your TV stereo system. The LCD panel is very intuitive and provides connection information. The 3.5 mm audio jack that comes along with it can connect to car stereo systems and other media players.



 Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

This device resembles a flash drive and it is just as easy to set up and use. It can be used as a receiver and a transmitter to connect between various media players and audio devices to get the best HD sound experience with low latency and minimal lag. It does not support Dolby and DTS formats, but it can support stereo formats like MP3 and FLAC. It easily last for about 4-5 hours of continuous usage.


Best Mini Bluetooth Transmitter 2020

With a powerful CSR chip and Bluetooth 5 connectivity, this transmitter can provide low latency signals from the non-compatible device to allow for lossless audio experience. It can be connected to 2 audio devices simltaneously and the battery lasts up to 8 hours of media playback. It can also work as a receiver and a charging device.


Bluetooth Transmitters are suited to different functionalities. A transmitter that is made to adapt to your car will not be so helpful to your home stereo. A home stereo transmitter will have a wider range and less battery health than you will probably need while travelling. A wise choice is needed while picking the right transmitter that aids your lifestyle.