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Kitchen appliances have become versatile and more portable. A lot of appliances these days come with dual purpose. Electric food choppers are extremely useful appliances that can make your cooking easy and fun. If you find yourself spending hours in the kitchen, then you urgently need a food chopper.

Most of the time spent in the kitchen is because of cutting and chopping. Prep time for a dish is usually long if you use traditional methods. Although knives are good for chopping, they take a lot of time and are laborious. With the help of an electric food chopper, your work will become easy and quick. Many choppers come in small sizes that you can carry wherever you go.

Here are some small electric food choppers that you can find online. 

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1. KitchenAid Cup Food Chopper

 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

If you cook everyday, this processor will save your cooking time by a huge margin. The powerful blades of this processor rotate at a high speed to chop, grind, cut, and mix food. A glass jar makes it easy for you to view what is happening inside. So, if you have to check whether the sauce is ready or not, you won’t have to open the cover of the jar. The cup is made from high-quality scratch-resistant plastic and is free form BPA. Two simple rotating speeds will cover every food item you want to grind. There is a pour spout on the jar for easy pouring.

2. Proctor Silex durable mini cup food processor


 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Proctor silex is known for its noiseless range of kitchen appliances. Powerful blades of this processor can grind, chop, and cut like a dream. Whether you have to make salsa or a puree, you can easily use this machine. Even emulsification is easy with this processor. You can control the level of speed to customize how big or small you want your food particles. The transparent jar is easy to clean. It has an ergonomic design that makes storage easy and efficient. The cup has a capacity of 1.5 and is perfect for everyday cooking.

3. Black Decker 3 cup electric food chopper


Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

It is a one-touch electric chopper with fast-rotating blades. You can control the processor with simple mechanism for effective cutting and chopping. All the parts are dishwasher-safe and don’t get stained easily. The jar has a capacity of 1.5 cup and is made from transparent material. You can also buy the larger cup size if you want. Stainless steel blades cut through the food particles to give you a texture of your choice. The bi-level cutting makes processing faster than what you get with single level blades. There is a cord given with the processor.

4. Topknot Electric food chopper compact


Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

You can become a versatile cook in the kitchen with this efficient food processor.  It is a powerful machine that can chop, cut, grind, and mix vegetables and meat. Cooking becomes a fun affair when you have efficient gadgets that can reduce your time in the kitchen. This processor is ideal for making a wide range of dishes and condiments like salsa, salad, pesto, coleslaw, and much more. The cup has a capacity of 100 ml, which is perfect for making a small batch of sauce or puree. It saves a lot of time and is easy to clean.

5. Kitchen selectives mini chopper


 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Electric processors reduce your prep time in the kitchen. Instead of cutting vegetables by hand, you can put them in this processor and relax while your vegetables are getting chopped. This processor provides a wide range of texture. You can mincemeat your veggies or coarsely chop them for a chewier salsa or salad. The jar has a capacity of 2 cups and it is detachable. Powerful stainless steel blades make chopping easier for you. It is easy to clean and can also resist getting scratched. The safe locking lid will prevent the food materials from spilling out of the jar.

6. ElechomesElectric food chopper and meat 

Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Combination of stainless steel and glass is good for the kitchen as it provides durability and functionality. This processor has a high-capacity jar measuring 8 cups in volume. You can chop and grind hard food materials like nuts to make dressings or puree. A 300W powerful motor makes chopping easier with a single touch. All the glass jars are BPA-free and are made from nontoxic material. You get an anti-slip mat free with the processor that will prevent it from slipping away on wet countertops. 

7. KocbelleWireless portable electric food processor

Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Managing multiple cords in the kitchen can become a nightmare if you are an amateur. Wireless appliances are making waves across every industry, and cooking is no different. This wireless food processor has bi-level stainless steel blades that make chopping faster and more efficient. The glass jar has a capacity of 2.5 cups and is transparent. Transparency of the jar allows you to view your food while preparing. You can make a wide range of dishes using this processor like salsa, salad, pesto, puree, and sauce. 

8. Mosaic electric food chopper


 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Power and durability are the two key aspects of this processor. It has titanium coated body that makes it extremely resilient and resistant to scratches and wearing down. It has 2 level speeds that allow you to customize the texture of your salads and salsa. The blades are powerful and rotate with exceptionally high speeds to deliver optimum performance. It is easy to use and store away. The stainless steel surface is easy to clean and will not pick up stain even after repeated use. You can even wash the processor in the dishwasher.

9. Cuisinart mini food processor


Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Chopping and grinding food is possible at the touch of a button with this efficient food processor. It has dual blades that rotate at two different levels to make chopping faster. The body is made from stainless steel and has a red metallic chrome finish. You get a transparent jar that lets you see what you are making. You can adjust the consistency of your puree or sauce by choosing a different speed level. Capacity of the jar is 24 ounces and it is large enough to serve 4 people at a time. The cord has a length of 36 inches. 

10. Imurz electric mini food chopper


 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Versatility and durability are the two primary aspects of this food processor. It has a one-touch application that makes chopping easier for you. The detachable jar has a capacity of 2 cups and is perfect for making all varieties of cuisine. There are four stainless steel blades that rotate at high speed to finely chop vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat. A powerful 300W motor increases the chopping efficiency of this processor. There is a small hole at the top that is covered with a lid. You can open the lid to add water or oil while chopping. 

11. Ekich food chopper electric mini meat grinder

Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

It is a grey-colored food processor with a transparent jar. The powerful 400W motor will let you chop even the hardest of nuts like walnuts and almonds. Double-layer blade makes cutting and chopping easier by giving a two-way chopping variety. You can coarsely grind veggies to make salsa or finely mix them to make a puree. It increases your versatility in the kitchen by allowing you to cook multiple cuisines. It can also mince meat with the stainless steel blades. The simple and compact design of the processor makes it easy to store. 

12. Toastmaster one-touch mini food chopper

Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

Many highly experienced chefs recommend this mini chopper for its durability and efficiency. It has an easy one-touch application for faster cooking. The stainless steel blades rotate at high speeds to ensure that all your vegetables are chopped perfectly. There is a safe locking lid that will prevent food from escaping out of the jar while the processor is in use. It comes with a one year warranty on the motor. Exterior surface of the processor has a metallic black finish and is resistant to scratches. You can also make spicy sauces with this processor. 

13. Homeleader electric food chopper 

 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

The large bowl has a capacity of 1.2 liters and can process a large amount of food at a given time. It has stainless steel blades that rotate fast and grind vegetables, fruits, and nuts easily. The motor runs at a power of 300W, which is ideal for processing food quickly. User-friendly design of the processor makes it easy for you to chop, grind, and mix food. The wide variety of rotating speeds let you make mashed potatoes as well. At a single time, you can make food for at least 4 people. It is very easy to clean and requires less space for storage. 

14. LINKChef mini food processor

 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

More number of blades makes chopping easy and quick. The blades are at two different levels, so they cut efficiently. Robust stainless steel blades are durable and resistant to scratches and marks. They will not chip even after repeated use. The large bowl has a capacity of 500 ml and is covered with a transparent lid. There are no loose joints in the processor from where food might come out while the machine is in use. The pulsing button has a single touch application and blends anything at a very high speed.

15. FUHUIM mini manual food chopper

 Best Small Electric Food Choppers 2020

The small and compact size of this processor is convenient for use. It fits in your palm and has a tiny jar. Even with the small size, it rotates powerfully and gives you finely chopped vegetables, fruits, and nuts. You can even make puree and sauces using this. The machine is automatic and runs on a powerful motor. It has a unique design for better functioning. The mini size lets you carry it almost anywhere you go. Take it along on picnics to make instant sauces and salads. The blades are made from stainless steel and are completely safe to use.

These were the best electric food processors that have an incredibly small size. You can take them wherever you want as they occupy very little space. While grinding, always keep the lid closed to avoid any mishaps.