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Shooting games are a fun activity for kids. It improves their hand-eye coordination and also instills active energy in them. If you have kids at home, you should consider gifting them a unique toy gun that has efficient shooting mechanism. You don’t need to worry as these guns come with harmless bullets that won’t hurt anyone. Researches show that kids who stay active are less likely to become aggressive when they grow up to become adults. There are many varieties of toy guns available in the market. Most of them have simple mechanisms that are easy to use. For smaller kids, you can buy smaller and light-weight rifles that will be easy to hold and use. 

Here are some of the best sniper toy rifles for kids that you can buy online. 

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1. New-ray real camo single barrel with scope

Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

Audio and visuals are a good combination for kids’ toys. While buying a toy for your kid, you need to check whether the mechanisms are safe or not. This gun has ejecting shells that come out of the gun after firing a shot. It is safe to use because there are no sharp edges and the mechanisms are designed according to a kid’s toy. The pattern on the gun resembles a typical camouflage and gives a realistic look to the toy. Light and sound function of the gun make it interesting to use.

2. LilPal’s 28 inch rapid fire snow leopard sniper rifle

 Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

If your child is a fan of shooting games, this toy will be perfect for them. It is completely electronic and produces amazing light and sound effects. When you pull the trigger, the gun produces a sound effect and the light flashes up to resemble an actual gunshot. If you press and hold the trigger, the gun will continue making sounds. The mechanisms of the gun are impressive and provide a good gameplay. The toy will boost your child’s motor skills and improve his/her reaction time.

3. Joysae AW50 sniper military combat toy machine gun

 Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

The colorful LED lights present in this gun create a good audio-visual effect. it is designed to look like a professional military gun. Kids will love playing with this gun outdoors. You don’t need additional tools with this gun as it has complete mechanism. Firing sounds and the light effect improve the overall experience. It is harmless and completely safe to play with. There are toy bullets inside the gun that are stored inside a barrel. It moves back and forth while shooting to stimulate a real firing.

4. ArtCreativity special toy machine gun

Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

Creative toys help your child cope up during the growth stages. The gun has amazing graphics on the front that give it a cool vibe. In-built LED lights create a firing effect when you press the trigger. It has a length of 22”, which is perfect for kids. The gun is entirely electronic and produces realistic sounds when fired. There is a removable stand that lets you place the gun on any flat surface for leverage. It makes for a great gifting idea if you have kids at home. It comes with batteries that power the light and sound effects.

5. Agel guns SCAR rifle AWP sniper shark rocker  

 Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

It comes in a pack of 3 and has all the essential features of a toy gun. There are hoops attached to each gun that you can use to fix the gun with your belt. Out of the three guns, one is a sniper, and the other two are shark rocket rifles. All the guns are made from high quality fabricados that can resist wear and tear even after repeated use. You don’t have to worry about your kids breaking the toy as the material is durable and will not break easily. The guns have a metallic chrome finish on the outer surface. 

6. BBTac airsoft sniper rifle gun 

 Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

The powerful spring-loaded feature of this gun makes playing fun and enjoyable. It shoots powerfully at a speed of 300 FPS with 12g BBs. Exterior of the gun has detailed structures that give it a realistic look. You can enjoy hours of gaming sessions with this gun as it is has fast loading. Simple reloading of the gun makes it easier for you to load the barrel while playing. It provides an easy mechanism for beginners. You don’t have to spend hours learning how to shoot, it is easy for anyone who is just starting.

7. Fantarea metal alloy gun


Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

Metal alloy guns are the most durable as they won’t get scratched. It is a great learning toy for kids as they will be able to coordinate their hand-eye movements. The gun comes dismantled and you need to assemble it correctly. It can be a fun activity for your child. It is a complete model and resembles the parts of an actual rifle. There is a small lens on the top through which you can view your target. All the metal parts have a camouflage print on them that creates an impressive effect.

8. Anstoy combat military sniper rifle toy


Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

If your child loves interactive toys, this toy gun will be perfect for him/her. It produces flashes from LED lights and the audio is also realistic. The gun is perfect for outdoor action-packed gaming sessions. Safety of your child matters the most during any game. This gun has safe-to-use components that can’t hurt your kid while playing. Exterior of the gun is made from the highest quality of plastic that resists wear and tear. If you are thinking of a new toy to gift your child, this will be the perfect idea. 

9. Nerf rival artemis XVII toy gun


Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

It is a blasting gun that can shoot at high speeds. The high holding capacity of the gun can store 30 rounds at a single time. There is a rotating barrel that can shoot rounds till a large distance. The slam fire action is impressive in function and provides a good gameplay. An easy loading mechanism makes loading quicker and more effective. Outer surface of the gun is painted in bright red and orange to create a striking effect. it is suitable for kids over the age of 14.

10. Zetz semi-automatic toy sniper rifle


Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

It is a semi-automatic toy that has 20 darts. Each dart has a rounded surface so it won’t hurt anyone while playing. The durable plastic of the gun resists breaking down even after repeated use. Color scheme of the gun is in blue and orange. The load cartridge is easy to remove, so you will not have to spend a lot of time reloading your gun. At a single time, you can store and shoot 20 darts with the gun. Non-toxic plastic ABS shell is good for kids of every age group.

11. Best choice products kids soft foam dart  

 Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

Rapid fire technique of the gun shoots up to 20 rounds at a time. The foam darts are harmless and cause no injury while playing. It is a fun toy and has been built with the best safety standards. All the equipment are nontoxic and contain no harmful chemicals in them. There is an anti-jamming feature that prevents the barrel from getting stuck while playing. Long distance range of the gun is ideal for outdoor playing sessions. It is powered by a battery that lasts for longer durations.

12. Games APEX legends metal kraber sniper  

Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

The shape and size of this gun are ideal for a perfect toy. It is a .50 caliber sniper rifle with efficient mechanism. Outer shell of the rifle is made from aluminum alloy that is resistant to scratches and breaking. The metallic hoop on the gun that will help you attach the gun to your belt while you are not holding it. It can be a good toy collection for your child. The features on the gun resemble a real gun and look good while playing. You will get a refund on the toy if you receive it in faulty condition.

13. Joysae light up combat toy machine rifle

Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

It is a battery-operated gun and can shoot plenty of barrels at a time. The light and sound features of the gun create a good special effect while playing. There are strikingly similar components on the gun that resemble an actual rifle. Color theme of the gun is simple yet attractive and increases its visibility while playing outdoors. It requires 3 AA batteries for powering up the shooting, lighting, and the sound mechanism. It has simple assembly and you don’t need extra components for it.

14. Parris .270 CAMO bolt action rifle toy

Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

Wood and steel form a classic combination for guns. This gun has a brown and black exterior with stainless steel components. Bullets are made of plastic and you can eject them from the gun with ease. It is great for young kids and even teens can play with it. The removable clip makes it easy for you to load the gun. Trigger of the rifle has a simple mechanism and is easy to pull. There is a lens on the top that can help you view your targets easily. 

15. X TOYZ air powered shooter toy gun

Best Sniper Rifle Kids 2020

If you are worried that your child will get hurt while playing with a gun, you need to buy this toy rifle. It is a simple toy with foam balls that act as bullets. Pumping action of the gun emulates shooting and your young ones can have hours of fun time. soft foam balls don’t even hurt while playing and create a slight thud on the skin. Each gun can hold up to 12 balls at a time and there are 2 color variants that you can choose from.

These were some of the best sniper rifles for kids that will make gaming time fun for them. Make sure to read the instructions before buying. Always supervise over your kids while they are playing to avoid any untoward incidents.