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A can opener is a very handy tool. Whether you are at home or outside, you might need to open a can or a jar. Most of the cans are sealed tight and you need to apply great force to make a dent on the metal surface. If you try to open a can with a knife, there are plenty of chances that the knife might slip from your hands and you will get injured. Also, opening a can by hand requires great efforts. For people suffering from arthritis or any other neuromuscular disorder, using their hands for opening cans is very difficult. 

The Sokos can opener is an electrical device that is powered by batteries. It uses sharp stainless steel blades for cutting through thick metal surfaces. With an electric opener, you can cut tin, stainless steel, aluminum, and even copper cans. It makes your work easy and convenient.

Here are some highly recommended electric can openers like Sokos that you can buy online.

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1. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

 Best Sokos Can Opener 2020

Opening cans is easy with this can opener. It is an electric device that lets you open any type of can within a few seconds. You can cut through a thick can with a single push of the button. It operates on 4 AA batteries that are replaceable. The can opener cuts the cans at 360 degrees making the content easily accessible to you. Two taps of the machine is all you will ever require for opening any type of can. The safe design prevents you from injuries and cuts while using the machine.

2. Handy Can Opener


Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



When you are outside and can’t find a knife, it becomes difficult to cut open cans. With this handy can opener, you can cut open cans whenever you want. It is an automatic can opener that operates on 2 AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the machine and you need to buy them from any general store. It cuts the lids of the cans in a circular motion for better accessibility of the content. A single push of the button can open the can no matter how tough it is. It is handy and easy to use.

3. Electric Can Opener


Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



A versatile electric can opener can cut open any lid you want. The opener has an easy to use function with a single push button. You need to press the button to cut open any can. If you use canned food often, this opener will save a lot of time and effort. Instead of using a knife for opening the cans, you can use this machine. There are powerful blades attached to the can opener that can cut open any metallic lid. It is easy to use and has a smooth black plastic body.

4. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

 Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



Electric can openers are the best because they save you a lot of time and energy. This can opener is a sophisticated machine that can open any cat by cutting through the metal. It has a cord length of 36 inches that you can connect with any power source. It has a press-and-release lever operation that is easy to use. The body of the opener has a stable structure so you can place it wherever you want. There are powerful cutting blades on the machine that will help you cut any material you want.


5. Hb Compact Can Opener Black


Best Sokos Can Opener 2020


Hamilton gives you the best kitchen appliances and this can opener is no different. It has a black outer finish with a shiny coating. The mechanism of this opener user levers for cutting thick materials. You can even use this as a bottle opener. It gives you a completely hands free operation and lets you open any can of your choice. Just attach it to the container you want to open and press the lever. It has a press and release mechanism so when you release the lever, the can would be ready. 


6. Electric Can Opener, Restaurant can Opener

 Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



Even chefs recommend this can opener as it makes cooking easy and fun. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen if you have this appliance with you. It is very convenient to use and has a smooth edge for better handling. The outer material of the can opener is black ABS plastic. It is durable and will not break down even if you drop it on the ground. Whenever you want to open a can, use this machine to smoothly cut open any metal container. It creates re-sealable and smooth cuts. 


7. Electric Can Opener, 2AA Batteries Operated Smooth 

Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



If you want a simple and easy to use can opener, this machine will come in handy. It has a simple single touch application and lets you cut anything you want. If you want to cut a can, place the machine on top of it and press the button. Within a few seconds you will have an open can that will be ready for cooking. There is no inconvenience while using the can as it is completely electric. After you have opened a can, you can use it for sealing the opening. The machine is powered by 2 AA batteries.


8. Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless Steel

Best Sokos Can Opener 2020




Stainless steel is the perfect material for can openers as it is durable and easy to use. This can opener is a sophisticated machine that is powered by batteries. You also get a cord that retracts into the device after your work is done. You can shut the device after cutting the can. It has a removable blade so you can take it out for cleaning after some time. The appliance has a hands-free application that makes things easy for you in the kitchen. There is a bottle opener attached to the can opener.


9. KitchenAid KE199OHOBA Classic Multifunction Can Opener

Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



It is a classic can opener that has a single size. The kitchenaid can opener is sturdy and made from durable steel. You get an integrated bottle opener with the machine that makes it durable and versatile. It has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold while using. Be it steel or any other alloy, the powerful blades of the machine can cut through any material. It comes with a one year warranty period and provides an efficient grip. The knob is easy to grip and gives you better leverage.


10. Kitchen Automatic Safety Cordless One Tin Touch Electric Can Opener

Best Sokos Can Opener 2020




This small device has a single touch application. You can open anything you want using the stainless steel blades of the opener. The smart design works with cans of any size and shape. Press the button when you want to open the can and release it when your work is done. The latest technology has been used in the opener to give you an amazing experience. It requires four AA batteries for operating. The outer cover is made from ABS plastic and it has safety grooves for preventing accidents.



11. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener

 Best Sokos Can Opener 2020




Opening cans will no more require great effort. If you are tired of using the old can openers for cutting open containers, try this electric device. It lets you open cans without hurting your hands or fingers. The oversized knob makes it easy for you to use the machine. With a single push of the knob, you can cut any can of varying sizes. There is a built-in bottle opener with the device that you can use for opening bottles. It is made from stainless steel that is durable and resists corrosion. 


12. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener


 Best Sokos Can Opener 2020


You can create sharp cuts on the can using this can opener. It has an oversized knob that lets you hold it without any difficulty. Smooth mechanisms of the device let you cut open any material easily. The blades of this can opener are made from stainless steel and are extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Handles have a soft grip and don’t slip away from your fingers while you are holding it in your hand. It maintains your safety and prevents accidental cuts and rashes.


13. One-Touch Electric Can Opener


Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



Automatic can openers save a lot of time and energy. If you try to open a can with the help of  a knife, your hands will get injured. When you have to open a can, place the device on the can and press the button. The single touch mechanism of the opener lets you cut anything you want within a few seconds. Your hands will stay safe as there are no open blades. It is completely safe to use and is made from high quality ABS plastic. The blades are made from stainless steel and are stain resistant. 


14. Sinceller Electric Jar Opener


 Best Sokos Can Opener 2020


Jars are relatively difficult to open because they are sealed tight to avoid contamination by air. If you are suffering from arthritis or can’t use hands for opening the jar, this jar opener will come in handy. It effortlessly opens cans and jars with a single push of the button. The machine operates on electricity and requires 2 AA batteries for functioning. It is highly compact and requires less space for storage. The push button needs no effort for pressing. You also get a free bottle opener with the device.


15. POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener

Best Sokos Can Opener 2020



A simple push down mechanism lets you open any kind of bottles or jars. It is an all-in-one device that packs many useful tools. The can opener lets you open thick metal cans easily. You get a bottle opener with the machine that can open metal caps of bottles. Along with that, there is a knife sharpener, which is a very handy tool. You can sharpen your knives to make them shine like new again. it has built-in magnets that lift the can for opening, so your fingers will remain safe.

These were some of the best sokos can openers that will make your life easy. Buy these handy tools to save time and effort on something as simple as opening cans.