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Does your PC keep overheating, even with just minimum use? This might be because of your old computer parts which are overused and are worn out. Keeping the parts of your system cool increases its longevity and durability. Replacing your current cooling fans might just help. Replace them with a static pressure fan and see the difference. They push the air with great force for the optimized performance of your system. 

Here are some of our recommended Static Pressure fans. The fans are curved, wide, and in the direction of the heat source. It ensures ventilation to every part of your system and increases the heat dissipation. 

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1. ARCTIC P12 Case Fan

Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Arctic case fan is optimized for high static pressure and a focused airstream. It has a fan speed of 200-1800 RPM regulated in a broad spectrum via PWM PST. It ensures minimum noise with maximum cooling performance. The motor is powered by a Neodymium-Iron-Boron-magnet ring which allows the fan to run efficiently than its predecessors. Its low coil temperature ensures a 4x longer service life. It provides strong cooling performance with high-quality heat sinks and radiators. Friction within the bearing is reduced and greater efficiency is achieved. 

2. Noctua NF-A12 Static Pressure Fan

 Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Noctua A12 has a sophisticated aerodynamic design that allows for a pressure to strong airflow in the mid-section. It ensures excellent performance in status pressure demanding applications as well. It represents next-gen efficiency and manufacturing. It has a tight tip clearance of only 0.5mm that helps work effectively against back pressure, such as heatsinks or radiators, by reducing the leak flows through the gap between impeller and frame.  The centerpiece of the motor-hub is made entirely from steel and the axle mount is of brass. 

3. Corsair LL140 Fan


Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Corsair LL140 ensures excellent airflow, quiet operation, and powerful lighting. It has 16 independent RGB LEDs in each fan, along with the RGB lighting hub and lighting node pro. They are split between two separate light loops and allow endless customization. The PWM fan control allows for dynamic speed adjustment between 600RPM to 1300RPM, reduces the noise, and increases airflow. It shows vibrant lighting and visual effects when in motion. The 140mm Fan blade is made for low noise operation without hampering the performance. 

4. Thermaltake Static pressure fans

Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Thermaltake pressure cooling fans have a high-performance copper base plate and water block system. It has a fan controller that can switch between 5 LED modes or disable and cycle through 256 colors. The Play n pause function along with the speed control options reduces noise even more.  The 120mm RGB aluminum radiator fans with high static pressure design produce impressive cooling performance. It provides an easy installation system and maintenance-free operation, requiring only a minimum amount of space in the chassis. 

5. Antec PC Fan


 Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Antec Fan is made up of impeccable quality material, providing highly efficient ventilation of airflow and pressure by the distinct design on the back end of the fan blades. It has two way easy and humanized design to reduce the errors and enhance the efficiency of assembling computers for PC enthusiasts. The impeller was designed with a focus on reducing the noise level yet delivering maximum performance. The high-quality sleeve bearing is as quiet as the fluid dynamic bearing and delivers an ultra-long lifespan. 

6. Noctua NF-F12 Cooling Fan


Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Noctua F12 with the 120mm cooling fans has renowned efficiency in performance. It has a high RPM speed, combined with the industrial robust polyamide construction and advanced protection features. This makes it suitable for industrial applications. The impeller and the frame of the fans are made from fiber-glass reinforced polyamide. This material can withstand up to 140 degrees and makes the fans more rigid and break-proof. The motor is cast in a special, highly heat conductive resin for protection and heat dissipation

7. Thermaltake Riing 12 Fan 


Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Thermaltake fan has a patented LED ring. The Concentrated compression blades are designed to focus the inner weaker circle of air outwards, allowing the outer section to pressurize and compress the air. The hydraulic bearing reduces the noise level by 24%. the anti-vibration mounting system is equipped with the In-mold injection anti-vibration rubber pads to provide hassle-free usage for 80% protection coverage. It optimizes your chassis for presentation and performance. It has circular radiator fans with high static pressure design for impressive cooling performance. 

8. Corsair CO Fan


 Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Corsair CO fan has magnetic bearings to harness the magnetic levitation, providing lower noise and higher performance and a longer lifespan. The Custom Rotor design delivers the perfect balance between high static pressure and high airflow, operating smoothly under heavy loads. It has an extensive color range of 2000RPM which gives you full control between silence and absolute performance. The specially designed large surface radiator doubles the cooling surface and allows additional heat dissipation. It has easy and simple installation, along with maintenance-free operation. 

9. Asiahorse ARGB Fan


Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The AsiaHorse fan is based on the AI Hub, along with the Hub controller and ARGB Sync software. It has 20 ultra-bright RGB 2.0 addressable LEDs, providing full lighting for your build. It also has multiple modes like breathing, static, and multi-color cycling which can be accessed through the remote control. The hub is equipped with PWM and mainboard control functions, for the connected fans to be applied in a wider field like CPU-cooling, water-cooling. It has a wider light frame section area making the visual more impactful. 

10. CoolerMaster Static Pressure fan


 Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The CoolerMaster is incorporated with the 3rd Gen dual-chamber pump which improves the overall cooling efficiency and performance of the AIO water cooler. The radiator surface is increased for heat dissipation and optimized cooling. It has the new SickleFlow exterior design for improved RGB lighting and air balance fan blades that is quieter than before without affecting the airflow and pressure ventilation. The RGB lights are customizable. It is made up of high industrial grade material to strengthen the seal for improved longevity and anti-leaking.

11. Cougar Vortex Fan


 Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Cougar Vortex fan works on the Pulse Width Modulation technique. The 4-pin connector allows the mainboard to control the fan speed from 800-1500 RPM. It ensures optimum airflow, air pressure, and extremely silent performance.  The innovative blade design focuses on airflow and optimum cooling efficiency, reducing the vibrations. It has Air-inlet with the optimal aero-dynamical design to reduce noise turbulences. The HBD runs more smoothly, frictionless which makes is silent and durable. The copper base provides maximum heat transfer and the enlarged area of the radiator promotes heat dissipation. 

12. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 Fan 


 Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The Cooler Master fans are ultra-thin yet extremely strong blades with 800-2000RPM speed. It has high performing motor and fan blades, generation up to 95 CFM airflow. The unique, self-lubricating POM Bearing makes it long-lasting and durable. It has a stylish design with both LED and Non LED options. It ensures a powerful performance and graceful silence. The vibration and sound-absorbing rubber pads and steel threads prevent any disturbances. The smart fan engine features a high-efficiency motor, low starting voltage, dust, and water resistance.

13. NZXT AER Static Pressure Fan


Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The NZXT AER fan is designed and optimized for maximum airflow in the case and easy heat dissipation. It has patented Fluid dynamic bearing for reduced noise and increased lifespan of over 6 years. It is specially engineered to increase the ventilation of air and pressure with the winglet fan blades and chamfered intake and exhaust. Fully customizable RGB lighting is available as well. It is a high static pressure fan made for the standard size mounting holes to achieve liquid-cooling perfection. 

14. upHere Case Fan

Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The upHere fan is of 120mm standard size and is made for low noise operation without sacrificing the performance of the system. The RGB case fan is compatible with all types of chassis and is easy to install and setup. It has unlimited color transformations and can be easily switched with just one key, providing full lighting for your build.  It ensures extreme cooling and is tuned for high-pressure air delivery directly to the components. The Bearing provides improved performance over standard case fans. 

15. InWin Sirius Case Fan 

Best Static Pressure Fans 2020

The InWin fan has larger blades and thinner frames that allow the fans to generate more air and pressure. This is efficiently pushed by the sickle-shaped blades. The large surface area allows easy heat dissipation. The center of the fans is also built with ventilation holes to cool the bearing and extend the fan’s lifespan. The circular addressable lighting effects are complemented with black fan blades to add a solid touch of RGB. It is dual looped to provide users an option to install on either side. 

Static pressure fans are used in radiators, CPU coolers, GPUs, or heatsinks which provide cool air at restricted places in your system. They are highly engineered and can efficiently deal with heat resistance and improve the airflow. Replacing your current incapable fans with these new trend static pressure fans is surely an investment for the future and has a value for money, providing you with fast and smooth experience during peak performance.