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One needs to remove the old oil from vehicles or any machines and replace it with new oil for its smooth working and highly efficient performance. But this is such a hassle and takes up all your day if done traditionally. Many of us go to the mechanics to clean up the tanks, which costs a lot. But there is something that might help you to clean your tanks easily at your home, without burning a hole in your pockets. A Transmission fluid extractor is engineered to evacuate all kinds of fluids and provide just the same results as the service centers. 

Here are some of our recommended Transmission Fluid Extractors which evacuate the transmission fluids and other oils for you, reducing your burden and with just half the servicing cost. 

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1. HORUSDY Fluid Extractor

 Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Horusdy fluid extractor is a convenient option for removing and filling brake fluids, anti-freeze gear-oils as well as power steering fluid and more. It aids in extracting or changing the engine oils or lubricants in ATVs, boats, farm equipment, industrial gearboxes, motor vehicles, etc. It has a heavy-duty construction that ensures strength and durability. It features double seals for brake and anti-freeze and is assembled on the plunger. The pump includes a hose-extension with a locking cap for deep reach. 

2. FIRSTINFO TWO WAY Transmission Fluid  


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The FirstInfo Fluid pump has 10L of large capacity with the pneumatic operation for faster ATF fluid changing. The Safety valve design allows releasing the excess pressure in the tank automatically. It has a quick-release coupler which lets you disconnect the hose with a simple click.  The volume guide can be used to know about controlling the fluid easily. It is designed with four flats on the bottom for more stability. The screw valve ensures to easily change the action of extracting or dispensing. 

3. OEMTOOLS Manual Extractor 


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The OEMTools is a multipurpose extractor designed to extract engine, transmission, and lubricating oils from vehicles, marine engines, and industrial machinery. The dipstick tubes are used to remove any automotive fluid. It has a 5ft main suction flexible hose, along with 41″ extended dipstick hose adapter for a longer reach and broader applications. With a 9.5L capacity, it can be used for oil and fluid changes in multiple vehicles as well.  The shut-off valve ensures to stop the suction when fluid is at maximum capacity. 

4. Mityvac MV7300 Fluid Evacuator 


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Mityvac fluid evacuator is ideal for removing fluids from small tanks and reservoirs. It is lightweight and portable. It includes a brake or clutch bleeding kit for vacuum bleeding hydraulic systems. The large base makes it solid and stable, along with the foot stabilizer for easy control. The automated overflow prevention with quick-drain pour spout helps to stop suction when fluid is at maximum capacity. It has a capacity of 2.3 gallons and the dipstick tubes aid in draining engine oils or transmission fluid. 

5. EWK Plus Fluid Extractor Pump 


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The EWK extractor has a zero-tolerance range and provides durable service. The main tube is extended to suck up the fluid to the bottom of the reservoir. The iron wire function holds up the soft and thin tube strongly while inserting it into the dipstick tube. The extractor has a limited line, over which the fluid flows into the vacuum chamber and may cause leakage. It has an air inlet to control the extraction easily. It includes hose storage to avoid losing any of the attachments. 

6. ABN Automotive Fluid Extractor


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The ABN automotive extractor uses simple syringe-type action to pump the fluids in and out, fast, and clean. It is ideal for evacuating or topping off master cylinders, extracting brake fluids, for power steering, coolant, changing axle rear end grease. It can transfer highly viscous fluids easily. The streamlined design allows access into tight spaces. It has a large faucet-shaped pump handle for ergonomic comfort during long-term uses.  The OD tubing extraction hose has a leak-proof end cap to prevent any spill while transporting. 

7. ABN Manual Fluid Extractor

 Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The ABN manual extractor is built to last long and extracts the fluid fast and clean. It has a large fluid container made from thick plastic for durability and longevity. The four supports on its base increases the stability. The pressure gauge faces upwards for easy visibility. It’s fluid dispensing hose has a swivel thread connector to link the filter unit and a metal dispenser with a shut-off valve. The metal dispensing nozzle is based on the easy-release locking mechanism to hold the adapters in place securely. 

8. Bestauto Fluid Evacuator 


 Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Bestauto extractor has a larger capacity than the rest of them, with a heat resistant tank, made from polypropylene that aids to withstand a temperature of 200oF. It has an extra-long pump and a pattern design handle to provide more stability while using. The spout was designed as an eagle mouth to make it fluent and prevent spilling out. It is used in evacuating engine oil, transaxle oil, coolants, power steering fluid, transmission, and brake fluid. The sealing cap prevents oil spillage while transporting.

9. Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

 Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Mityvac 7201 features a large 8.8L capacity bi-functional manual unit to extract and dispense fluids. It ensures a fast and clean method. The reservoir is made from durable polyethylene, hence makes it rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It has an automatic flow control valve which prevents the unit from overfilling during use and automatically shuts off at 8L. It has a long dipstick tube for extraction, along with the main tube which can be extended to reach the bottom of the oil or fluid tank

10. Kweiny Fluid Extractor 


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Kweiny extractor is used for fluid extraction, like brake oil, power steering oil, engine oil, coolant, and even water. It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles, industrial machinery, and marine engines. The height of the pulling liquid increases with the increase of air pressure. It ensures fast and clean extraction. The spout has an eagle mouth shape to help pour out used oil fluently. It has a sealing cap as well, to prevent any oil spillage. The pneumatic mode saves your effort and provides higher efficiency.  

11. Hanperal Fluid Pump Extractor 


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Hanperal extractor is a convenient manual pump operator. It needs no electric power or compressed air. The automatic overflow prevention with quick-drain pour spout helps to stop suction when fluid is at maximum capacity. It includes accessories for draining engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tubes. It has a 7.3L reservoir with a large base and foot stabilizer for easy control. It ensures zero tolerance and has a durable service. The heat resistant tank is made from polypropylene, to withstand very high temperature. 

12. Mityvac MV6400 Fluid Extractor


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Mityvac MV6400 extractor is integrated with a manual pump to dispense fluid by applying pressure into the 5L reservoir. The fluid is continuously dispensed as long as there is pressure in the reservoir. The pump tube is sealed to prevent exposure to chemicals and cleans easily between fluid changes. It allows push-to-connect technique, quick-change style couplers at both ends of the hose for convenience and speed.  A thumb-operated tilt valve is present for manual pressure relief and doubles as a safety valve to prevent over-pressurization. 

13. Lumax LX-1312 Fluid Extractor


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The Lumax LX-1312 extractor is easy to operate and suitable for brake fluid, engine oil, clutch oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and even water. It can easily extract and dispense highly viscous fluids and is used for marine units, industrial machinery, and vehicles. The automatic overflow prevention along with the quick-drain pour spout prevents overfilling of the reservoir. It ensures fast and clean extraction, is oil-resistant and chemical-resistant. The exhaust valve aids to release negative pressure and the pneumatic mode saves efforts and provides high efficiency. 

14. PMD Fluid Extractor 


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The PMD extractor does not need much labor and can be done single-handedly. The pneumatic mode saves efforts and ensures high efficiency. It evacuates all kinds of fluids like gear oil coolant, transmission fluids, and engine oil. It is suitable for most vehicles, marine units, and industrial machinery. The new safety design shuts off the air inlet when the tank is full, to prevent overflowing. It has 3 hoses which can be connected end-to-end for extending the main tube for deep reach. 

15. 8MILELAKE Fluid Extractor


Best Transmission Fluid Extractor 2020

The 8MileLake extractor works smoothly for extracting and dispensing fluids. It has a fluid capacity of 207ml with dually marked graduation lines. The markings on oil suction pump extractor are embossed to prevent scales from wearing off over time. It has a flexible tube which gives you a clear look inside. The pressurized manual handle is used to allow the fluid into the reservoir. It conveniently reaches hard-to-reach areas. The spout is of eagle mouth shape which helps to pour out used oil fluently.  

Checking the transmission fluid levels is easy but changing the fluids is a tough-task and is time-consuming. Using a transmission fluid extractor eases your burden. No more need to get under your vehicles. It ensures no messy spills and is very convenient to use, providing fast results. This is surely an investment for the future.