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Gaming is all about quick and clear sight, along with loud and accurate sounds. This enables a gamer to respond fast to the situation and play his part. Realistic visuals with audio are what matters, apart from a smooth performing system with top graphics. You need an incredible speaker with a booming bass for an actual immersive gaming experience. The Trust Gaming speakers are a great choice that ensures strong wireless connection, thumping bass, and stereo surround sounds.

Here are some of our recommended Gaming speakers similar to the Trust Gaming GXT 628 speaker, which are equally high performing, with powerful beats and rich bass. The in-built RGB lightings with numerous light effects enrich their look. 

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1. Trust Tytan 2.1 Speakers 

Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Tytan 2.1 speakers are based on Dutch design and can be connected both wired and wirelessly. It delivers high-quality sounds with deep bass. It has universal compatibility. It can be controlled by remotes, as well as smartphones. Extra volume and bass control are present at the side of the subwoofers. It has smart power management which undergoes standby when not in use. With a peak power of 120W, it provides powerful and crystal clear sounds. The subwoofers are made from the tough metal grill for durability.

2. Logitech G560 Speakers 

 Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Logitech G560 has a built-in lightsync RGB lighting that is activated by the audio played.  It has 240W of peak power and unique driver design to deliver a huge soundscape for the immersive gaming experience. The integrated DTS X ultra surround sound renders the 3D positional audio. You can easily customize the light effects of the four speakers using the Logitech family software. It has easy to reach on-speaker volume and Bluetooth pairing buttons for audio control. The subwoofers are powerful and down-firing, providing thundering bass. 

3. Razer Nommo Chroma Speakers


 Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Razer Chroma speakers have optimized drivers to provide full-range sound and extreme clarity. It has custom wove glass fiber 3-inch drivers that give sharp and clear audio. It has been specially tuned for spatial depth, to get accurate positional cues in its stereo sound. The pre-set lighting effects are incorporated and can be customized. Behind the speakers, rear-facing bass ports are hidden to ensure rich bass audio range. It provides consistent digitally processed audio. A bass knob is present to fine-tune the output audio. 

4. Creative Pebble Plus Speaker

Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Creative Pebble speaker has a powerful down-firing subwoofer for immersive audio with rich bass. It features two mid-range drivers that are elevated at 45 degrees, to provide the best soundstage. The high gain mode allows you to increase the power output to 8W with a USB adapter for stronger bass performance and room-filling audio. The volume controls are easy-to-reach, located at the front of the speakers. It is powered by USB and has universal compatibility, wired or wirelessly. 

5. Bose Companion 2 Series III Speakers 


Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Bose companion speaker delivers high-quality audio. It can be connected to other sources, using the AUX input or the 3.5mm jack. The easy to access volume controls are present on the front of the right speaker. It is durable and stylish, with a solid built. Made from aluminum, which provides rigidity to it. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 version allows you to stream music wirelessly, with a maximum transmission distance of 65ft. Each speaker has separate bass and a dome-silk tweeter unit. 

6. Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 Speaker 


Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The SoundBlasterX speaker enhances audio realism with immersive virtual 7.1 surround sounds. It uses the dual RCA-to-stereo adapter and can be connected to any TV or DVD player. The volume control pod is easy to reach, and convenient to customize. It ensures clear and accurate cues with an HD bass boost. It is built entirely out of wood for better sound dampening and delivers fuller, warmer, and more realistic audio.  The Aurora Reactive lighting system gives it a new illuminating look in the dark. 

7. Logitech Z906 Speaker 

 Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Logitech Z906 speaker works on the Dolby digital and DSP technology which provides richer and clearer sounds. It delivers quality sounds with a continuous 1000W of peak power. It has a flexible setup and can be connected to up to six devices max. The compact control console and wireless remote lets you easily customize and personalize. With a solid aluminum build, it looks durable and stylish. Wireless streaming is made possible with the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The external Bluetooth antennae at the back ensure strong signals.

8. TaoTronics Gaming Speakers

 Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The TaoTronics Speakers provide the best sound performance with powerful bass and a silk dome tweeter. The bass and treble knots are adjustable. It is based on the DSP optimization technology to provide rich bass sounds. Wireless streaming is possible through the Bluetooth connectivity, up to 65ft distance. It has an external antenna on the back, to increase the signal strength. The body has a full aluminum housing, with removable magnetic cloth speaker cover. It allows both digital and analog output. With just one click, you can switch to EQ modes.  

9. Sanyun SW102 Speakers


 Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Sanyun speakers deliver powerful audio and are space-efficient, with a small footprint. It has a simple elliptical structure, made from metal and high-quality plastics to make it stable and rigid, without any vibrating sounds. It has a black and silvery finish, with a blue oval lamp ring which shows off the metal curved lines. The built-in bass diaphragm, closed cavity, and low-frequency aid ensure high-quality bass. The unique acoustic resonator using the enclosed low-frequency aid design makes the sound immersive and penetrating. 

10. BONKS Gaming Speakers 


Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Bonks speakers provide powerful audio, in a small compact design body. It has built-in dual subwoofers that enhances the stereo sound effect. The 10W RMS strong bass can enrich your gaming experience. The versatile design is a perfect match for your PC. The volume control console ensures easy modification and easy to access buttons. It has a black matte finish which makes it look elegant and it fits seamlessly along most USB equipped devices. The anti-interference stereo sound prevents any distortion even at maximum volume. 

11. ELEGIANT Gaming Speakers 


Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Elegiant speakers are a perfect companion for your PC. It has a built-in balanced stereo sound system of 7.1 surround HD audio. It ensures strong and stable signal when connected wirelessly through the Bluetooth and prevents any noise, interference, or distortion. The colorful LED lights are incorporated that are synced with the audio and light up when the audio plays. It can be customized conveniently. You can even turn off the lights by just patting on the main speaker. The one-button design allows you to change the volume. 

12. Redragon GS550 ORPHEUS Speakers

Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Redragon speaker has a compact design with a space-saving small footprint. The 2.0 stereo core of the advanced sound drive unit provides accurate and crisp sound. It has universal compatibility and is USB powered. It is connected fast and effortlessly, using the wired 3.5mm jack, AUX input, or through wireless Bluetooth methods with a max distance of 16ft.  It is themed Red, using the indispensable Red RGB LED light. The handy volume knob is delicate, sensitive, and ensures convenient and precise volume adjustment. 

13. Jeecoo A50 Speakers


 Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Jeecoo speaker is a USB powered soundbar with dynamic sound. It has dual full-range drivers that provide crystal clear sounds. It is compact, lightweight, and portable. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The classy knob allows you to adjust the volume precisely, turn on/off the speakers, even turn on the LED lights. The GB light effects are customizable. It is made from an aluminum housing which makes it solid and durable. The subwoofers are made from wood for perfect noise dampening. 

14. Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers 


Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Edifier speakers are built for the best gaming performance and have a peak power of 32W. It is of small compact size but ensures high power performance. The subwoofers are made from wood that allows noise dampening. The bass and treble knots are adjustable. It is based on the DSP optimization technology to provide rich bass sounds. The external antennae on the back increase the signal strength and stabilize it. With just one click, you can switch to EQ modes. The RGB lights enrich its looks. 

15. Mailin Gaming Speakers


Best Trust Gaming GXT 628 2020

The Mailin Speaker has universal compatibility and has an easy to use interface. It features 2.0 stereo surround sound, 6W output power, 3-inch trumpets to insure powerful sound and rich bass. The special LED blue lights are controlled by a switch that is inset and is synced with the audio. It is powered by USB-drive and has superior compatibility. Each high-quality full-range speakers have two passive bass radiators that result in amazing sound experience. The 3 EQ modes can be accessed alternatively, by a single click. 

Great quality speakers enhance your experience while gaming and gives you a new perspective. Upgrade your current normal speakers, with the latest models that are solely dedicated to gaming purposes. These can also be used for streaming movies, music, apart for gaming, which ensures a cinematic and theatre experience. No more wrong inaccurate cues or low audio commands. It is surely an investment for the future and you will not look back again.