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Nowadays many people do creative stuff. Many people are on Social Media platform, make videos, and make YouTube videos. People make tutorials on YouTube. People don’t familiar with them at the start. They don’t know how to make video or content. They learn first, and then try to make one. Making a video, you need a lot of things and the most important thing is the microphones. A good quality of microphones gives you great sound and the sound is most important if you make videos and podcast or anything. I’ll tell you about top 10 best USB microphones in 2021.

So if you try to make videos, podcasts or anything and you need a good microphone. A microphone is important, because people need to understand about your content and your voice should be clear and understandable. That’s why you need a good microphone. But you will find different kind of microphones on internet. Some microphones come with USB ports and some microphones connect through XLR cables. Now remember, if you’re not familiar with this, and then go for USB microphones. USB microphones are easy to use. You have to connect in your computers or laptops and you’re ready. People, who don’t familiar with microphone, can easy to use them. While microphones with XLR cables are difficult to use at the start. You need to understand them, the cable, and the connection etc. Microphone with XLR connection isn’t easy. Many people struggle with XLR connection. It is hard to understand, but they are most popular. This article is about USB microphones, so we will discuss about only USB microphones.

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Before buying a microphone, you have to concern about one thing and this is your budget. Yes! Your budget is most important factor. I’m going to provide you to top 10 best USB microphones. I made list and I think this is helpful for you. You should check each microphones details, price and then decide to buy one. I believe you will find the best microphone in this list.

1.Rode NT USB

Best USB Microphone 2020

This one of the best microphones, I recommend you. Rode is a very popular brand when it comes to microphones. People widely use Rode’s microphone. Rode gives you the best quality of audio.

Rode NT is a USB microphone. It is popular in YouTuber, voice over artist and podcaster. Many YouTuber use this microphone. it gives you good quality of audio. The output is warm and natural. You have to just plug into your computer or laptop and you’re ready. Record your voice with Rode NT and I promise you won’t disappoint with its quality.

2.Apogee Mic Plus

Best USB Microphones 2020

This USB microphone will give you a great audio quality. It is also one of the best USB microphones. There is no doubt. It is easy to connect with both Mac and Windows operating system. It is also connect with iPhone and iPad. It is small. You can take anywhere. Many People travel a lot. This microphone is one of best choice for podcaster.

You can also use this microphone to make YouTube videos, tutorial. It gives you good quality of audio which will good for your work. If you’re looking for best USB microphones, you should consider about Apogee Mic Plus.

3.Audio Technica AT2020

Top Best USB Microphone 2020

This is also one of the best microphones. Audio Technica is a well-known brand in microphones and AT2020 is one the best microphones. It gives your good and natural quality of audio. If you’re looking for good microphone, you should consider about it. It is a USB microphone, so it is easy to use.

4.Blue Yeti

Best Microphone USB

It is also one of the most popular microphones. Many people have this microphone. They use for YouTube videos, tutorials and podcast. It’s not much expensive. That’s why people like this microphone a lot. It is also comes with USB. You don’t have worry about using this microphone. You have to plug into your computer and laptop and you’re ready to record your voice. You will get good quality of audio with this microphone. You will also like its design. You should consider about it when you’re looking for a microphone.

5.Samson Go Mic

Top USB Microphone 2020

This is one of the affordable microphones. Samson Go Mic is a USB microphone. It is easy to use in computer and laptop. You don’t need any driver to install. It is easy to connect. You can connect with both Mac and Windows operating system. People use this microphone for podcast. Many podcaster have this microphone.

6.CAD U37

Top Best Microphones

If you don’t have big budget and you’re looking for low prices budget microphone. I think you should check this microphone. Many people buy cheapest microphones at the start, because they don’t know about it. This is a condenser microphone. You can connect with your computer and laptop. You can easy to use this microphone.

7.Samson Meteor

USB Microphones 2020

This is one of best stylish USB microphones. You will definitely like its design. You can adjust the volume level and also get a mute button. This brand has given various professional microphones. So, you can consider about it. Many professional people use this microphone. It gives you good quality of audio.

8.Razer Seiren X


This is one of the greatest USB microphones. It gives you great audio and you’ll also like its design. It is easily to connect and use. Perhaps you haven’t heard its name before, but it is a most popular microphone in Podcaster, gamer and YouTuber.

9.Floureon BM 800

USB Microphone 2020

This is also one of the best USB microphones. You need a phantom power adapter to provide power. You will get low sound volume without amplifier, not good for your work. But this is widely using among YouTuber. Voice over artist use this microphone for practice. You can find them on YouTube.

10.Blue Snowball ICE

Top USB Microphone

Many people don’t have big budget. They look for low budget microphones. This is the best USB Microphone in low prices. You should consider about this microphone if you’re confusing to buy one. This is best microphone for beginners. Many people use this. You will find many people who makes video on YouTube, have this microphone. Podcaster also love this microphone. It gives you good quality of audio. You won’t disappoint from this microphone at this prices.


All microphones are best. You can choose any of them. It is your decision. You have to decide which is best for you. All microphones are good in their own way. Expensive microphone will give you great quality. You can’t compare with lowest microphones. It doesn’t mean that lowest microphones aren’t good. They are good. You will get good sound quality with them. Sound is important if you’re going to record your voice. If you’re confusing, you should consider about cheapest microphone. If you don’t worry about budget, go for the best microphones. It’s your choice.