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With computers becoming more powerful, we are facing the classic heat management problem very often. There are various solutions in the market which include heatsinks and thermal pastes. More recently, computer software has taken it upon themselves to monitor CPU temperatures and provide effective fanning speed. However, it is natural that if your computer has been used for a long time, traditional cooling mechanisms will not act as efficiently as before. This is where USB powered cooling fans shine. They can work with your laptop power supply and come in various forms to suit your different needs. Here, we have listed some good USB powered cooling products to help you choose one for yourself.

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 Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



As the name suggests, this is a portable cooling solution for laptops and notebooks which may heat up very fast due to extensive use. It does not use any additional power supply and can work solely on a laptop battery through a USB cable. It has a knob module attached for configuring the appropriate fan speed and adjust according to your laptop battery level and temperature. The grill protection prevents the fan from harming the laptop components and accessories.





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



These dual USB powered fans come as compatible cooling devices for various electronic devices, however, they are beneficial for computers as they can draw power from the battery and cool the components simultaneously. These work at 5V low voltage and require 2A of current at maximum speed. It comes with three speed settings which can be adjusted as per requirement and heating conditions of the device. Each of the fans is of durable build quality as well which gives it a long lifespan.





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



The small and light build of Eluteng dual fans allows for resistance to general wear and tear. The square design allows it to either stand upright or to be laid down on a flat surface. The dual fans operate on a single USB cable which requires 5V and 1A power input. The speed regulator has three settings – low, medium, and fast. The coolers are pretty versatile owing to their compact nature and can be used with AV cabinets, projectors, consoles, and most importantly laptops and computers.





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020


The Winsinn USB powered cooling fans are quiet computer accessories that work separately from each other. Each fan is 80 millimeters in diameter. The ball bearings need to be oiled regularly to maintain the silence of the fans and the device has a life expectancy of 30,000 hours which is quite generous. The USB power input rating is pretty low, about 5V and 0.27A which gives maximum output at low battery usage.





 Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



GDSTime 7530 is a single blower fan unit that can be connected to any computer as a power supply through a USB cable. It is 75 millimeters in diameter and has an inlet of 48 millimeters. It pumps cool air from a 24-millimeter wide outlet with an airflow of 10 CFM. The fan itself works at 2800 RPM. The entire unit is packed in a case and the blades are completely sealed off for protection. It also serves as a sound cap as the device produces almost no noise and works at 31 decibels during high usage.





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



This laptop fan is a more robust design engineered to manage heat problems from below. This implementation by Coolertek is made from high-quality ABS material that makes it super sturdy and durable. The supporting angular position helps the user’s seating habits and makes it comfortable to work without any issues. It is a very easy setup and works as soon as you plug and play through a USB cable. The mat-like panel form allows for heat dissipation to help enhance the system during intense routines.





 Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



The wave mesh design of this cooling pad shelters one big cooling fan and four smaller fans to provide intense cooling during heavy-duty gaming sessions. Despite its powerful functionality, it can be powered by a laptop battery supply through USB cable. A metal stilt allows for four adjustable angular positions to suit user comfort. To prevent the machine from sliding down the cooling pad in this angular situation, a rubber grip is provided for support too.





 Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



The Havit laptop cooling pad is made for a more aesthetic look to the heat management solution. It comes in a sleek metal build and has three durable fans to accommodate even heating for 16-17 inch laptops. It homes an RGB lighting system that is gorgeous to look at. The angular user support comes in 2 adjustable heights and has a slipping prevention mechanism in place. 





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



This clamp design laptop cooling fan is able to dissipate heat from the sides of the computer. It draws out hot air from the laptop vent and pumps it out with its own outlet like a vacuum pump. The unique clamp comes with a support piece that attaches to the base of the laptop and aids the cooler to stay intact. It comes with a USB power cable that works at 2.5V low voltage. It is portable due to its compact nature and sturdy design. 





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



The EasyAcc fan can be powered by USB cable to cool the system inside the computer case. But it can also be used along with other devices such as DVRs, AV cabinets, and gaming consoles.  It comes with three speed settings that come with varying noise levels. At the highest speed, the fans work at 60 CFM and 30 decibels. For protection, the fan comes with a metal grill and the cable has added layers for longevity and work against wear and tear.





 Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



This laptop cooling mat houses 5 fans, which includes a centra bigger fan. It is powered by a USB cable and has three working modes. With the press of a button, you can allow the central fan to provide cooling, or the four peripheral fans to aid the system, or you can allow for maximum power with all the fans running at full speed. It comes with an adjustable stilt and two stoppers to prevent the laptop from slipping. 





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



Very slim and efficient, the Lamicall cooling fan has a grid-like mesh design to provide better heat dissipation with the help of five USB powered fans. Although the fans cannot work separately from each other, the simultaneous speed of the fans can be adjusted without any hassle. It is easy to carry and has a height adjustment stilt. The activation indicator LED also helps to know the device condition.





 Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020


The Klim cooling pad has a well thought out stylish design. The mesh grid shelters 4 fans inside, which can cool laptops of varying sizes up to 16-17 inch laptops. The ventilating fans work at 1400 RPM which is powerful considering their size. Instead of a stilt, it gives an angular position with 2 tilting legs at the back which are quite robust. It also has stoppers to prevent the laptop from slipping. The additional USB port allows for the attachment of other laptop accessories.





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



With two 5 inch cooling fans inside this mat design, the Topmate C302 is a quiet cooling device for your laptop. It can work with any laptop up to a 15.6-inch build. It weighs only one pound that makes it portable and easy to carry. The two adjustable heights help the user to configure it according to their own convenience. The additional USB port is beneficial for using additional peripherals.





Best USB Powered Computer Fans 2020



The Targus cooling mat is a low-profile minimal design that comes with dual USB powered fans to reduce laptop temperatures. It does not have any fancy RGB lighting and it does not support additional peripherals either. It is simply a cooling mat that supports your laptop even on your lap and acts as a stable base. The oversized rubber ends act as stoppers to keep the laptop intact.




If you are facing issues with cooling your computer, opting for a USB powered fan is a great choice. It enhances your system performance and can assist your default cooling unit. Some of them have additional perks as well, like the USB slots that come with them or the ergonomic support to aid your seating positions. It is a wise investment to make if you know what sort of cooling design you need.