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A video card is a bit of PC equipment that is boxy fit as a fiddle with various contacts on the base of the card and at least one port as an afterthought for association with video shows and different gadgets. The video card introduces in an extension opening on the motherboard. While most video cards are of the PCIe design, video cards come in various configurations, too, including PCI and AGP. These special arrangements are more seasoned norms and do not share data with the CPU and different parts as fast as PCIe. In a work area, since the motherboard, case, and extension cards are structured in light of similarity, the side of the video card fits simply outside the rear of the situation when introduced, making its ports accessible for use. Some video cards have just one port for association with a standard screen or projector.

In contrast, further developed cards may have ports for associations with various yield sources including extra monitors and TVs. Different cards may have contributions for video altering and other propelled errands. PCs, tablets, and even cell phones, all have video cards, though littler and frequently non-replaceable. 

Now that we have a brief idea of the functioning of the video card, let us take a look at the various video that are available for a low price of $200 and that is available online to satiate your needs and the demanding requirements. 

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1. MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 2GB GDRR3 64-bit  

 Best Video Card under $200 2020


The mechanical pioneer in the field, MSI GeForce, has constructed this item with every single stable capacitor to augment the life expectancy of the realistic card. This position of safety plan GPU spares space and permits clients to assemble littler gaming frameworks. Make your whole PC experience quicker with this devoted illustrations card. Presently, you can appreciate up to 10x superior execution over incorporated designs in the entirety of your preferred PC applications.



2. MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC


 Best Video Card under $200 2020


The company promises that this product will let you experience the following degree of drenching gaming storm with the universe of VR gaming and diversion with MSI graphics card that is controlled by the progressive Polaris engineering.  This innovative product is designed in such a manner that it stops uneven interactivity and broken casings with a liquid, lag-free execution at essentially any frame rate. This product is upgraded to have complexity and hues that convey a strikingly sharp, beautiful, and bright visual experience.


3. ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition 4GB DDR3  

Best Video Card under $200 2020



With this item, you will get very quick web perusing, amazing photograph and video altering, and ultra-point by point gaming. A variety of NVIDIA advancements, for example, NVIDIA Surround, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync, and the new FXAA Anti Aliasing Mode offer more than one approach to lifting your gaming experience. This card includes a position of the safety plan and is pre-designed with a full-tallness section. Two low profile sections are remembered for the bundle for simple reconciliation into HTPCs and other little structure factor frameworks. The latent cooling arrangement empowers a quiet, zero commotion processing experience.


4. PNY NVIDIA Quadro P400 Professional Graphics Board

 Best Video Card under $200 2020



The item NVIDIA Quadro depends on NVIDIA pascal engineering and can successfully convey up to 2x more representation execution than the other NVIDIA Maxwell-based Quadro configuration models. This item is furnished with three DisplayPort yields that give more Display availability than the past age. This item accompanies more memory transmission capacity than the previous generation; clients can work with bigger datasets. 


5. USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter – 4K 30Hz

 Best Video Card under $200 2020



This astounding item accompanies a USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter lets you add two free HDMI showcases to your PC utilizing a single USB 3.0 port. One of the HDMI ports can yield goals up to 4K, while the other can yield goals up to 1920 x 1200. While adding more shows to your workstation can be troublesome, particularly if your PC doesn’t bolster MST or offer numerous outside video ports. This USB to double HDMI connector highlights two video yields, boosting your efficiency by giving you more screen space to work from your home office or anywhere of your choice.


6. Asus TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 Super Overclocked 

 Best Video Card under $200 2020


The NVIDIA Turing powered Asus TUF Gaming GeForce GTX 1650 Super that is made to convey incredible sturdiness and execution, fuels this gaming intensive product. Additionally, this item is including auto extraordinary assembling innovation technology. At the same time, this product is overclocked to a 4GB GDDR6 memory that conveys over half more memory transfer speed for fast gaming to coordinate Asus TUF Gaming motherboards and TUF Gaming Alliance items. 


7. XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 1386MHz OC+, 8GB GDDR5, 

Best Video Card under $200 2020



The XFX RX, 580 arrangement designs card, includes the most recent Polaris engineering, which incorporates the fourth-gen GCN illustrations centers, a shiny new presentation motor, new sight, and sound centers, all on the progressive cutting edge 14 procedure innovation for improved execution and productivity. At the same time, this is furnished with XFX twofold dispersal cooling innovation for ideal cooling and performance. With its extraordinary force sparing abilities, this requires a base force necessity is 500 watts.


8. ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX570 O8G Gaming GDDR5 DP HDMI  

 Best Video Card under $200 2020



The Global pioneer in Graphics card; ASUS proceeds with the ROG STRIX RX570 O8G Gaming designs card and delivers the best in class; state of the art technology with the unique graphics card. While giving the essential overhauls the Graphics Card highlights to oversee execution and style, while this accompanies a propelled Wing-cutting edge fan configuration keeps things fresh, and GPU Tweak programming lets you adjust each setting to acquaint with the universe of PC gaming.


9. VisionTek Radeon 7750 SFF 1GB DDR3 3M (2x HDMI, miniDP)  

Best Video Card under $200 2020



This item is planned in a short structure factor plan that can undoubtedly fit in the present Low Profile work areas and workstations while having a short section mounted on card. The card is convertible to standard ATX structure with included a tall section for conventional undercarriage also. This item is furnished with a single space, double screen bolster that is accessible for your Small Form Factor PC and home desktops.


10. MSI Graphic Cards GT 1030 2GH LP OC


 Best Video Card under $200 2020


This thing is a position of safety GPU intended to satisfy the client’s interest for ideal use in a little skeleton. With a bit of but durable FAN structure and every single stable capacitor, the new GT 1030 graphics card keeps any framework reasonable for long haul use. While besides, as a result of their brilliant plan, even though while being low profile, the Low Price arrangement has a massive heat sink to offer a commotion free encounter for those searching for a peaceful workplace.


11. Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic  

 Best Video Card under $200 2020



This product by GIGABYTE Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics card is made for the gaming fans. Outfitted with one of the propeller design, prepare to play probably the most realistic escalated games in HD quality. On account of the implicit NVIDIA game-prepared drivers, prepare to be drenched in your preferred games whenever you need them. This product is entirely gaming-centric as per usage and daily massive intensive performance. 


12. XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX Edition 1286MHz, 8gb GDDR5 

Best Video Card under $200 2020



This one of a kind item accompanies programming controlled clock speeds that can be prevented by generally speaking PC execution. Also, this item accompanies an XFX’s True Clock, be that as it may, is equipment controlled clock speed execution enhancement, so your card is continually running at an advanced exhibition level.


13. EVGA GeForce 210 1024 MB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 DVI/HDMI/VGA  


Best Video Card under $200 2020


Excellent illustrations preparation is a necessary fixing in the cutting edge PC. With DirectX 10.1 help, NVIDIA PhysX innovation, HDMI yield, and NVIDIA CUDA innovation, the EVGA GeForce 210 is a significant expansion to your PC. Regardless of whether you are doing video or photograph altering, gaming, HD video playback, or simply searching for a top-notch Windows 7 experience, the EVGA GeForce 210 brings unfathomable handling power, at a fantastic cost.


14. Sapphire Radeon 11265-05-20G PULSE RX 580 8GB  

 Best Video Card under $200 2020



SAPPHIRE Technology has, for quite a while, been developed as a creator and in general, supplier of plan things for the PC zone. It is AMD Radeon based things that are correspondingly additionally alluded to in the standard PC markets as they are to the gaming and execution plans fan. The company SAPPHIRE has stretched out its degree to the Professional and Embedded market parts.


15. XFX RX 5500 XT Thicc II Pro 8GB GDDR6 3xDisplay  

 Best Video Card under $200 2020



The all-new RDNA engineering fuels the AMD Radeon RX 5500 arrangement GPUs and is structured starting from the earliest stage for remarkable 1440p execution, extraordinary force effectiveness for high-constancy gaming. The gaming intensive RDNA design is built for the up and coming age of superior gaming. The DNA controls your games, the DNA that rejuvenates your games, the DNA that continues developing, the DNA that rejuvenates your games.

Here is the list of some of the budget friendly graphics cards that are available below the price range of $200. This is a brief list of products that are the current state of the art technology in this price range, that are available online.